Body Odor Remedies: In summer, you can control body odor in these easy ways


Body Odor Remedies Some parts of the body like the armpits remain wet due to sweating. This wetness invites bacteria to flourish. These bacteria make fatty acids in our sweat, which gives rise to body odor.

Body Odor Remedies: The heat did not knock this time, it just came. The sun has started raining so much that people are starting to sweat. Similarly, the summer season is the most disturbing season of all the seasons. All diseases, sweating, laziness and not knowing what goes along with this season. It is obvious to sweat in summer. There will be no person who does not sweat.

What is sweat after all? Why is it sweating so much?

As soon as summer comes, the atmosphere starts heating up. Along with this, our body temperature also becomes higher than normal. Then our sweat glands ie sweat glands get activated to keep the body temperature under control. These glands absorb water from our bodies and reach the upper surface of the skin. This water is called sweat.

So sweating is a good thing because it is a natural way to regulate body temperature. Sweat is what removes impurities and toxins from our bodies. Then why is it that this sweat becomes a source of trouble? Excessive sweating causes body odor, due to which there is often embarrassment.

There are many ways to remove or remove body odor if we need to take a little care. Let us know what are the ways which can save us from being embarrassed among people-

  • Drink more and more water in summer because water cleans the dirt off our bodies. This dirt dissolves in sweat and comes out of the body and keeps body odor away. What happens is that many people drink less water out of fear of not sweating much, while doing so causes more odor than sweat.
  • An effective way to keep body odor at bay in summer is by choosing the right clothes. Use cotton clothes as much as possible. The cotton fabric absorbs sweat very easily. On the other hand, synthetic fabric is not able to absorb sweat and due to wetness, bacteria start to grow and increase body odor.
  • If the body odor is to be removed, then leave the spicy food also from your plate. Food rich in spices or oil keeps the body warm. The result is more sweating and more body odor.
  • Take bath at least twice a day. This is the easiest way to remove body odor.
  • Do not wear clothes once worn again because doing so also increases body odor.
  • In the summer season, eat fruits with a cold effect. There is no shortage of water in the body by eating and drinking watermelon, melon, cucumber, lemonade, lassi, buttermilk, etc. Hence, the odor also gets rid.
  • Cleaning the unwanted hair from time to time also removes the odor.
  • Tea tree oil, rosemary, etc. keep the pH level of our body under control. Instead of chemical perfumes, if we mix them in water and use them, then we can remove body odor.
  • We get Neem and Tulsi very easily. They can kill bacteria. If we apply the paste of neem and basil to the affected area before taking a bath, even then it can stop the bad odor.
  • Rubbing lemon on the areas from where the smell of sweat comes more, the body odor also goes away.
  • So, friends, a little lifestyle change can save us from embarrassment by stopping body odor.

(Based on conversation with Vaidya Shakuntala Devi)