Body Care: Don't be ashamed of black elbows and knees, get results in 10 minutes with these tips


In Navratri, people do many types of beauty treatments to make their faces glowing. However, many people have acne on their face due to which they are unable to apply makeup during Navratri and feel bad after applying makeup. For this reason, many people take care of their skin before sleeping. In this care, you need to take care of not only the face but also the hands and elbows.


It feels very bad while playing Garba if the blackness of the hands and elbows is not removed. For this, it is necessary that you take proper care of your hands and elbows. So if your hands and elbows are very dark then these home remedies are best for you. You can use aloe vera gel and turmeric to remove blackheads on your hands and elbows.

For this, first of all, you should rub aloe vera gel on your hands and elbows. Then take a little turmeric in the palm and massage it with light hands from one hand to the other hand and elbow. By doing this the blackness is removed and your hands start glowing.


Multani mitti and rose water are best for removing blackheads on hands and elbows. For this, take a bowl and mix it well with Multani mitti and rose water. Then apply this mixture to your hands and elbows and massage for 20 minutes. Then leave it for 5 minutes and then wash your hands with clean water. By doing this the blackness will be removed and hands will feel cool.

Honey and lemon are the best to remove blackheads from the body. For this, take honey and juice of one lemon in a bowl. Then apply this mixture to the hands and massage for 10 minutes. By doing this you will see that mail is coming out on your hand. Then keep this mixture on your hands for 10 minutes and then wash with clean water.