Blue light Effect: Blue light damages your skin along with your eyes, research reveals...


In today's time, the use of mobile phones and laptops by every section has become common. Excessive use of the screen also harms the eyes and skin. According to research by Oregon State University, due to the bright screens of phones, laptops, and TVs, apart from the eyes of the users, their health is also affected. Also, the blue light emanating from the screen of these devices can make you old prematurely.


This research has been first tested on flies. For research, the flies were first kept in the dark and then exposed to the blue light of the LED. In this test, the researcher found the age of the flies to be longer after coming under the blue light condition. To know the effect of blue light on flies, they were kept under dark blue light at the age of 2 days, 20 days, 40 days, and 60 days. After this, the effect of blue light on the mitochondria of the flies was investigated. According to research, blue light was not only having a bad effect on the eyes of the flies but was also spoiling their skin cells.


Blue light and skin relationship
It has also been revealed in much research that the blue light emitted from electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and TVs can cause many changes in skin cells, such as reducing skin cells or sometimes even killing these cells. can. These changes in cells can make you old before age.

According to research, if you are exposed to blue light for more than an hour, it starts making changes in your skin cells. Due to this many times, dark spots also occur on the skin. Exposure to excessive blue light can cause redness, swelling, and dryness in the eyes.