Blouse Designs: - Small breasts will look big in these blouse designs and your figure will look attractive


To look stylish in a saree, you must wear a designer blouse with it. But no matter how designer the blouse is, it will not suit you until it’s fitting is good. That is why it is very important that whenever you get a blouse stitched with a sari, first you must give its correct size to the tailor. 

Generally, women whose breast size is too large or too little, have the most fitting problem. We have already told you blouse designs for heavy-breasted women, today we will show you blouse designs for women with low breast sizes. 

Padded Puff Sleeve Blouse 

Padded blouses are in fashion these days. There are 2 advantages of wearing this type of blouse, the first advantage is that you can carry any type of back and front neckline in this type of blouse and for this; you do not need to carry a bra. The second is that the fittings in padded blouses are very good. 


Apart from this, if you are carrying a padded blouse with puff sleeves, then people pay more attention to your puff sleeves. In such a situation, your fitting looks good in the blouse. 

Boatneck Blouse Design 


If your breast size is small, then you can also wear a boatneck blouse design to show a good figure. Pads must be installed in the boatneck blouse design. This will make your fitting even better. Apart from this, you can also wear a padded bra. 

You can carry the boatneck blouse design with any type of saree. This type of blouse design can be worn with most silk, organza and georgette sarees. 

You should never make full sleeves in a boatneck blouse. With this, sleeveless or half sleeves can be made. 

Sweetheart neckline 


Blouses with sweetheart necklines are also in trend. It gives you a trendy look and also takes all the focus toward your neck. 

You can wear this type of blouse design with any type of saree, but this type of neckline does not look good with silk or cotton fabric saree.  


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