Blouse Designs: Plus size ladies want to look beautiful in a saree, so choose this type of blouse


Blouse Designs: Confused about what type of sleeveless blouse or top will suit you due to the fat on your hands if you do not know, then have a look here. The blouses given here are the best for plus-size figures.

Blouse Designs: Saree is one such attire that is a favorite of most women and they have a good collection in their wardrobes. But if you want to keep your look graceful with beauty in a saree, then it is very important to carry it keeping in mind the body type. So today we have come here with some tips for plus-size women, with the help of which they can look very attractive in saree.

1. Bell sleeves

Bell sleeves are being liked a lot from top to blouse. They are fashionable as well as comfortable. In this season, especially the clothes with these sleeves give relief. You can try this type of sleeve in a sari blouse and if you are thinking of wearing a lehenga in any function, then you can try this design in its choli as well. This design is perfect for a plus-size figure.

2. Elbow Length

To hide the fat on the hands, opt for an elbow-length blouse. It looks more beautiful and stylish than the sleeveless or short sleeve. The trend of elbow-length blouse or top has been in fashion for a long time and it does not look bad or uncomfortable from anywhere. Apart from the blouse, you can also try it by being cool in a choli.

3. Three quarter sleeves

If you want to wear a sari for any function as well as hide your heavy arms, then a blouse with three-quarter sleeves will be perfect for this. In these types of blouses, the maximum part of your hand is covered, so you do not have to put much effort to hide the fact. Apart from party, functions, you can also carry this type of blouse to the office.

4. Full Sleeve Blouse

Although it is better to wear this type of blouse in winter, now there are all kinds of fabrics which work to keep you comfortable in summer along with a stylish look, so in this season also you can carry full sleeves blouse. Full sleeve blouses with chiffon, and georgette fabric look amazing.

So don't get confused now, wear this type of blouse with confidence and get engrossed in everyone's eyes.