Black cataracts can be a cause of trouble with increasing age, know its symptoms and remedy

Black cataracts can be a cause of trouble with increasing age, know its symptoms and remedy


The most important organ in our body is the eye. Sometimes people talk a lot with their own eyes. But nowadays we just forget to take care of our own eyes. This can lead to serious illness at the age of 35-40. Black cataracts are also one of those diseases. The disease is more common with advancing age. Black cataracts are an eye disease in which the patient's eyesight gradually diminishes and they stop appearing. 


 Black cataracts are a serious illness that puts pressure on the optic nerve of the eye, causing severe damage. It is also called intraocular pressure. Our eyes cannot do the work of conveying any object or picture and instructions of the optic nerve to the brain. If the pressure falling on the optic nerve and other parts of the eye is not reduced, it can lead to glare. 


Symptoms of black cataracts

Initially, there is difficulty in seeing in a dark place, rapid change in the number of eyes, loss of light outside the eyes, headache, inability to see through certain parts of the eyes, the rainbow image around the light, eye pain, facial pain, numbness, etc. Can. If the difficulty is exacerbated, blind spots appear in the eyes. If a person uses steroids for a long time, he may have this problem. Apart from that, a person suffering from diabetes, hypertension, or thyroid is prone to this disease. 

Pay attention to these things

Black cataracts can be controlled in the early stages. Cataracts can be treated with surgery or non-surgery. Which an eye doctor can tell you after an examination. Eye drops or oral medication are given by the doctor in the early treatment of cataracts. Which helps to reduce fluid in the eyes as well as pressure in some way. At the same time, laser trabeculoplasty is used to remove fluid from the eyes. If you are a cataract patient, keep taking the medicine regularly. Also, do not drink too much water on an empty stomach in the morning, as it may increase the pressure on the eyes.