Black Lipstick Applying Tips: - To get a bold look in black lipstick, follow these steps


Women pay special attention to makeup to enhance their looks. Usually, extra attention is given to the lips during makeup. Usually, the shade of lipstick is selected according to the time and occasion. While light and subtle shades are selected in the daytime, it is considered a better option to carry a bold look during evening or night makeup.

However, when it comes to lipstick, women like to flaunt a darker colour as bold as they feel. Although there are many types of deep shades of lipstick in women's makeup kits, if you want to be a little experimental, then in such a situation, the black lips look can be carried.

Black lipstick gives you a completely different touch, so it is very important to apply it properly. So, in this article today, the founder of RVMUA Academy, celebrity makeup artist and skincare expert Riya Vashisht is telling about the right way to apply black lipstick-


How to apply black lipstick

It is very important to apply black lipstick properly. For this, you follow these steps-

  • First, prepare your lips. Apply lip balm after scrubbing it.
  • Now apply lip primer so that the lipstick remains long-lasting.
  • After this, with the help of a lip brush, outline the lips first.
  • Now apply lipstick on the outer side.
  • Next, apply silver or white highlighter to the upper lip. This will enhance the look of your lips.
  • After this, you fill the black lipstick on the inner side. 
  • You can reapply the lipstick if needed.
  • Now dap the highlighter slightly in the center of the lip. This will give an amazing look to your lips. 
  • If you want a matte look in the lipstick, then place the tissue paper in the center of the lip and press it lightly. This will remove the excess lipstick easily.

Pay attention to the outfit

When you are wearing black lipstick, you should also pay attention to your outfit. Try to style the western outfit. Black lipstick gives a bold look with more western outfits than Indian ones. This too high-neck western outfit will make your look graceful. You can make a sleek bun in this look. At the same time, the light curls look can be carried with backless outfits.


Be like this face makeup

While applying black lipstick it is very important to balance the other face makeup, otherwise, your whole look can be spoiled. If you are applying black lipstick, then use golden dust while doing eye makeup. Note that you have to use dust, not glitter, during eye makeup.

At the same time, avoid the liner. If you also want to apply liner, then apply a very thin liner. Complete your makeup with heavy mascara. At the same time, choose a brown shade for the blusher.

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