Bizarre news : America's shocking disclosure of UFO and alien


The US Defense Ministry Pentagon has released the report on UFOs of the year 2022. which is 11 pages

In this report, the Pentagon has prepared a list of 510 alleged sightings of UFOs or UAPs, in which UFO data was taken between 2004 and 2017.

The Pentagon has resolved 366 new cases with some clarification on 195 incidents, including 26 that said they were drones.

163 cases have been described as balloons or something similar, while 6 cases have been described as birds or plastic bags.

According to this report released by the Pentagon, 171 cases could not be identified due to a lack of detailed data.

There are some such cases in which the movement was unusual, which is still being investigated.

In this report, the possibility of aliens has not been expressed in any case.