Bindi Designs: Women apply bindi in this way, they will look very beautiful


Every woman keeps on making various changes in her look every day to look beautiful. 

For this, women follow a lot of trends even with the help of the internet.

At the same time, some women are still present, who like to be very simple.

Whether it is women who are simple now or modern married women who follow the latest style, almost everyone likes to wear a bindi.

It is said that every married woman's makeup is completed by applying a bindi.

Along with this, it also enhances the beauty of the face.

So today we will show you some designs of bindi and how you can look stylish by applying them.

Big Gol Bindi For Woman

  • By the way, this type of bindi is worn by Bengali women.
  • But you can also wear this type of bindi with a saree.
  • This type of bindi looks very beautiful on women with round faces.
  • Keep in mind that while applying this type of bindi, you should take special care of the jewellery.
  • For the option of jewellery, you can try heavy earrings.

Chand Bindi For Woman


  • This type of bindi looks very beautiful to see.
  • However, this type of bindi is applied in Maharashtra.
  • This type of bindi is seen more blooming on the face of the oval shape.
  • Try to style this type of bindi with silk saree only.
  • By doing this your look will look amazing.
  • Along with this, your look will also look complete.

Small Gol Bindi For Woman


  • Although this is a simple bindi, if your face is of a diamond shape, then you can try something like this.
  • You can wear this type of bindi with any dress from a saree to Kurti.
  • Try to keep your hair open after applying such a bindi.
  • Doing this will make your look complete.
  • You can choose many more colours in this type of bindi.


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