Big success: Now your breath will also detect corona infection, results will be found with 91% accuracy in three minutes


Globally, cases of corona infection are once again gaining momentum. Many countries including China and Britain are seeing a rapid increase in new cases. The situation in India is also deteriorating for the last few days. The rapidly reported infection cases among children in several schools in Delhi-NCR are alarming. The Health Department has been put on alert amid increasing cases of corona. The World Health Organization recently issued a warning regarding the cases of the new XE variant, describing it as the most infectious form ever, this variant has also been entered in India. For example, once again the kind of situation that is being created around the world can be a sign of great difficulties.


Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given emergency approval to the use of a testing device that can confirm corona infection with the help of breath. It is the world's first device that can help detect Covid-19 from a sample of breath. In the midst of the growing Corona crisis, it is being seen as a big success. Scientists claim that with this, corona can be investigated with ease and accuracy. Let us know about this device in further detail.

InspectIR Kovid-19 Breathalyzer Device
In a release issued by the FDA, it has been told that this device named 'InspectIR Kovid-19 Breathalyizer' can help in confirming Covid-19 infection very easily. The device uses a technique called gas chromatography gas mass-spectrometry (GC-MS), which can help in the easy detection of volatile organic compounds and infectious agents associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the breath. . The special thing is that it will not require a nose-mouth swab like the traditional RT-PCR test.

Results will be available in just three minutes
The Food and Drug Administration said that with the help of this device, corona infection can be confirmed with 91.2 percent accuracy within just three minutes. Not only this, this device has also been found to be 99.3 percent effective in negative sample testing. The small size of the device makes it very special to carry around and check people easily. It can be easily used at hospitals and mobile testing sites. In this era of corona epidemic, this device can prove to be a boon in easily detecting infection.

The figures are accurate
To check the quality of this testing device, it was studied on 2,409 participants. Testing found that it is up to 91 percent effective in detecting infection. The special thing is that it can also confirm negative reports with a quality of 99.3 percent. Scientists say that by using this device, it can help to detect infection in people easily in time, so that the disease can be caught before it takes a serious form.


What do experts say?
Dr. Jeff Shuren, director of the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health, says this device may prove to be a boon amid increasing cases of corona globally. Its infection detection accuracy and negative report detection technology make it unique. This is expected to increase to around 64,000 sample tests per month using this device. Its availability at the global level is subject to many parameters, at present emergency approval has been given for its use in some places.