Best Cosmetic Ingredients for Dark Circles: - Which cream can be best for dark circles? Learn from Experts


How does the beauty of the eyes go? There may be wrinkles, puffiness or dark circles under the eyes. There are many types of dark circles and most people have the problem that even if they do whatever they do, their dark circles do not reduce. 

Dermatologist Dr Aanchal Panth of Dermafollix skin & hair transplant clinic has shared information related to this on his Instagram account. He was the first to mention that no single cream will be suitable for correcting different types of dark circles. You have to use the same type of cream as your problem. 

First of all, you have to find out how exactly are your dark circles? 

  • Are there only dark spots
  • have dark patches
  • eyes tucked in
  • Blue patches form around the eyes
  • There is pigmentation and permanent tear line under the eyes

What kind of cream or product will work for you, it should be used keeping in mind what kind of dark circles you have. Before you think about treatment, you have to keep in mind what is the reason for your dark circles. Your treatment will always depend on that basis. 

Dark spots in under eye area

If you have dark spots in your under-eye area and your eyes are not sunken, then you should choose creams that contain skin-lightening agents and plant-based ingredients. 

  • Example- Depiwhite Eye Contour Gel
  • Melalumin Eye Cream
  • Avatar Under Eye
  • Private Under Eye Cream
  • Puffiness in Under Eye 

Puffiness under the eyes

Most of the time, stress is caused by a bad lifestyle and a disturbed sleep cycle. At such a time, you should choose such ingredients for under eyes that contain caffeine so that the puffiness of your eyes can be removed.  

  • Example- Forever 52 India Eye Serum
  • Doctor Sheaths Chamomile Caffeine Eye Serum
  • The Ordnance Caffeine Serum 

Dark patches of blue shade under the eyes 

If you have dark patches of blue shade under your eyes, then it means that your eyes are either very tired or there is some problem with the blood vessels under them. Many people may also have this due to iron deficiency etc. In such a situation, you should choose such creams which are rich in Vitamin-K.  

Example- Isdin India K-Ox Eye Cream 

Fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes 

If you are over the age of 30 and you have fine lines or wrinkles under your eyes, then you should resort to anti-ageing skin ingredients. These are ingredients like retinol or peptides that will work best for you.  

  • Example- Ralecos India Icos Creamy Gel
  • Murad Skin Care Retinol Eye Serum 
  • sunken eyes and teardrop mark 

If your eyes look sunken, you'll need to restore volume for that. No cream is perfect for this, but you will have to get hyaluronic acid filler and for this talk to a dermatologist.  

If you have any skin-related problem, then you must consult a doctor for that. 

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