Benefits of using face primer: - 5 benefits by which you will also use makeup primer daily


Women love to do makeup and why not, who doesn't like the glowing face they get by applying makeup? There is another such step which is very important to follow before makeup.

Women are fond of doing makeup. For this reason, women also buy makeup products with great fervor. But most women do not consider it necessary not to buy a primer and skip the necessary step like a primer.

Let us tell you that applying a primer is the most important step because the primer is the only product that prepares the skin for makeup. If you are also one of those women who do not know why it is necessary to apply primer, then know.

Makes layer 

Often women are afraid that the chemicals present in makeup may harm their skin. But did you know that primer is the only product that forms a layer between the skin and the foundation? So that the chemicals present in the makeup cannot harm your skin in any way?

Makeup will last long

During summers, especially women are worried about the makeup melting quickly. Let us tell you that applying primer before makeup will make your makeup last longer.

Will prevent oxidation

Most women use foundation and concealer in excess. Here, if she uses a primer before makeup, then foundation and concealer will not oxidize the skin you can get good coverage even by applying a small amount of foundation and concealer. 

Closes the pores 

Often women complain about their faces looking grey after makeup. The reason for this is that makeup is oxidized there are some ingredients in makeup products that mix with the natural oil of the face, due to which the colour of the face changes after makeup and the face starts to look grey. Primer is the only product that closes the pores and makes the skin smooth so that your base makeup can easily glide on the skin and make your skin look flawless. 

Prevents Pimples and Acne 

Some women are conscious about their skin and some take very good skin care. They always have the fear of pimples and acne. If you are also one of them, then add primer to your makeup routine and avoid skin breakouts due to makeup. The layer created by the primer helps to protect the skin. Due to this the makeup does not penetrate the skin and protects the skin from pimples and acne.


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