Benefits of Brahmi onSkin: - Brahmi is beneficial not only for health but also for skin


Brahmi is one of the oldest medicinal herbs used in Ayurveda. Usually, whenever the name Brahmi is taken, people talk about its health benefits, but it is equally beneficial for your skin. In today's time, when the effect of pollution and work stress is affecting the skin, then by using Brahmi, the skin can be saved from this damage to a great extent.

Not only this, it has anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this it keeps your skin young for a long time as well as makes it suppler. Generally, you will find Brahmi powder, oil, paste, capsule and syrup etc. in the market, which you can use as per your requirement. So, today in this article, DrRajniSushma, Senior Consultant Professor, Department of Ayurvedic Medicine, BLK Max Hospital, is telling you about the benefits of Brahmi to the skin and how to use it properly-

Make skin younger

One of the benefits of using Brahmi is that it helps in keeping your skin young for a long time. Its use helps in collagen production. The tightening of your skin mainly depends on the amount of collagen produced naturally by your body. However, with age, your body lacks collagen, leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In this case, you should consume Brahmi. For this, you boil Brahmi leaves in water and drink it. This will not only make your skin look more youthful, but your brain will also get nourishment.


Remove itching of the skin

Some people have a lot of itchy skin problems. Actually, in Ayurveda, Brahmi has been called leprosy which simply means that it works very effectively in curing various skin diseases. If you are also suffering from itching or skin related problems, then use Brahmi.

For this, make a paste by grinding the leaves of Brahmi and mixing it with goat's milk. Now apply this mixture to the affected area. By adopting this remedy, even the oldest eczema gets cured in a few days.

Beneficial for dry skin

If your skin is very dry or always feels chapped, then using Brahmi can be beneficial for you. It provides nourishment to your skin. It moisturizes your skin naturally.

For this, you take about half to one spoon of Brahmi powder. Now mix it with five grams of ghee and mix it. Apply this mixture to your skin. Within a few days, you will start feeling the difference in the skin. The combination of Brahmi Churna and Ghee makes your skin soft and shiny. 

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Beneficial in acne treatment

If your skin is acne-prone, then you can get benefit from using Brahmi. It has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood purifying properties, due to which when it is used, it flushes out harmful toxins from the blood.

Due to this the problem of acne and pimples is removed. Brahmi is also useful in lightening acne scars and healing acne marks on the face. For this, you boil Brahmi leaves in water and drink it. Apart from this, you can also apply its paste on your skin.

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