Benefits Of Eating Sabudana: By eating sago khichdi during Navratri fast, you will get these benefits


This time Navratri is starting on the 26th of September. Many people keep fast during this time. You can include sago khichdi in the diet to stay energetic during the fast. It is rich in many nutrients. Apart from being delicious, it is also very healthy. Let's know the benefits of eating sago khichdi.


Sago is rich in iron, copper, vitamin B6 and copper. You can also consume pakoras and kheer made from sago. They are very tasty as well as very healthy. Let's know the benefits of including it in the diet.

Regulates blood pressure - Potassium is present in sabudana khichdi. It helps in improving blood circulation. It helps in controlling blood pressure. It is also very beneficial for the muscles.


There is calcium in sabudana khichdi. It is also rich in iron and vitamin K. It helps to keep bones strong. It works to protect against problems related to bones.

Calories in Sabudana Khichdi are very less. Consuming it helps in rapid weight loss. You can include sabudana khichdi in your weight loss diet.