Belly Fat: Is Belly fat not reduced even after hours of exercise? this could be the reason


Along with losing weight, reducing belly fat is a very difficult task. This circle of fat around the abdomen can be caused by eating high-calorie foods, high sugar, carbohydrates, and packaged foods. Many people try hard to reduce it, but even after doing all this, the weight of the stomach is not reduced.

If your belly fat is not reducing, then there are some possible reasons behind it. Losing belly fat can be difficult if you are under stress.

Because due to stress, there is an influx of cortisol hormone in your body. According to a 2012 study, these hormones can slow down your metabolism. Thus fewer calories are burned and obesity increases.

Everyone likes to party. Because through the party you meet your friends and do a lot. But if you drink too much alcohol during the party then you may gain weight. As a result, it hinders the process of weight loss.


Losing belly fat with cardio alone is difficult. You should do proper exercise to reduce it. According to reports, 250 minutes of moderate exercise and 125 minutes of high-intensity exercise a week will show immediate results.