Before killing Mahatma Gandhi, what did Nathuram Vinayak Godse prepare in advance, click to know!


No one could have believed before Gandhi's assassination that someone could shoot Mahatma Gandhi. Can a person who talks of non-violence also have an enemy?

But who knew that an Indian named Nathuram Godse would shoot Gandhiji?

There were many reasons behind the assassination of Gandhiji.

It is said that Nathuram Godse was a brain patient, but the truth is that Nathuram was not a mental patient but a person suffering from depression. He was sad because according to him Gandhiji was now withdrawing from the issues. It may be that by getting Gandhi assassinated by Godse, someone has done their best.

Today we are going to tell you in this special offer what preparations did Nathuram Godse make before the assassination of Gandhiji-


Reasons for the assassination of Gandhiji

Nathuram Godse had started feeling somewhere that Mahatma Gandhi is now taking more favor of Muslims. The institutions with which Godse was associated were visited by people of different mentality and Godse may have been associated with someone who thought against Gandhi. Then Godse felt that Gandhiji was now talking more in favor of Muslims.

At the same time, Nathuram believed that it was Gandhiji who got the country divided. The person who broke the country is none other than Mahatma Ji.

Nathuram Godse also did not like Gandhiji's policies. Both Nehru and Gandhiji started knocking in Godse's eyes. And what happened in the end, as a result, you all know this.

Nathuram was not afraid of hanging.

Nathuram Godse knew that after killing Gandhiji, he would be hanged. After this, he was always taking the fear of death out of his mind for years. Nathuram Godse knew that the police might shoot him or the public might kill him, but for years Godse was taking out the fear of death from his heart and mind.

The investigation around Gandhiji was done many times –

Godse used to come to Gandhiji's meetings many times and tried to know the surroundings and the environment. Godse was not a vicious criminal, but still, the tone of his work was not common.

Nathuram Godse stayed in the house like a jail for a year

Nathuram Godse told to many of his colleagues later that he has been in jail for a year at home. So in a way, the house itself was turned into a prison. It was just an exercise in being in jail. There was neither air nor water, the windows and doors of the house were closed and then Nathuram had made himself a prisoner.


When the police searched the house of Nathuram Godse at that time, they also found much evidence here that Nathuram was preparing for the assassination of Gandhiji for a long time. The police had also presented several papers in the court, which prove that Nathuram Godse was also doing paperwork.

Weapons were also researched

Nathuram had also prepared what weapon to use to kill Gandhiji. Even to shoot at Gandhiji would require courage, Godse knew it. A lot of work was done on this too.

The letters of Nathuram Godse were stopped by the government of that time and he had written his preparations openly in many letters.