Beauty: Want to remove stretch marks from the body then try these home remedies, you will get 100% relief!


We live in a world where we are judged for everything, especially our outward appearance. But, it is extremely important to love yourself and accept your flaws. But one such problem is stretch marks which trouble many women.

Stretch marks usually appear on many parts of the body after pregnancy or after losing weight. These stretch marks can happen to both women and men. Although stretch marks are not a disease or harmful, due to their appearance, people feel uncomfortable and use many types of beauty products to get rid of them.

So, if we have come up with some effective home remedies which are better than those chemical products.


Home remedies to reduce stretch marks are as follows:

1. Use of Aloe Vera- Aloe vera has antioxidant properties which are very helpful in reducing stretch marks. If you apply aloe vera gel on the affected area daily, then soon you will see its effect. Use it after a bath and before sleeping.

2. Eggs and Vitamin E Capsules- Use eggs and Vitamin E capsules to get rid of stretch marks. The egg is a good source of protein and it helps in healing the skin. Whereas vitamin E is beneficial in removing stretch marks. You beat 2 egg whites and 2 vitamin E capsules in a bowl and apply them on the affected area with the help of a brush. Wash off after drying.


3. Coconut and almond oil- Coconut and almond oil can remove stretch marks from your skin. For this, mix both oils in equal quantities and apply them regularly on the affected area.

4. Use of cucumber and lemon juice- Lemon juice contains natural acids which help in reducing the marks while cucumber juice helps in keeping the skin fresh. You apply both of these in equal quantities on the affected area and wash after about 10 minutes.