Beauty Tips: You can get glowing skin with the home remedies of gram flour, Know here...


Desi Nuskhe: You must have spent a lot of money and time on expensive face wash till now. But today we are giving you some home remedies, with the help of which you can get the solution of many problems from the same thing sitting at home. Especially for skin problems. Yes, today we are going to make you aware of many properties of gram flour, with the help of which you can solve many skin related problems sitting at home. You can use gram flour on the skin in many ways. Let us know how you can use gram flour for which problems.


Besan removes tanning
If you have tanning on your skin, then you can get rid of them with the use of gram flour. For this, mix curd in gram flour and apply it on the tanning area till it dries, then scrub it and wash it.

Besan helps in exfoliating the skin
By applying curd and gram flour on the skin, it works well as an exfoliator. This scrub should be used at least twice a week.

Helps to close open pores
Mix water in gram flour and leave it on the face for two minutes. Wash it off after 2 minutes. Its use will help in closing the open pores.


For glowing skin
Besan is best for oily face. Besan can be used to reduce oiliness or get rid of unwanted hair that appears on the face. Wash the face with a teaspoon of gram flour mixed with a pinch of turmeric.