Beauty Tips: Wearing glasses can remove the marks on your nose and eyes.


You also use regular spectacles and due to their use, dark spots have also appeared under your nose and eyes which also reduce your beauty. In such a situation, you must be doing many things to reduce these spots. So that the spots get erased and your beauty remains like this. So tell you how you can reduce them. 

Aloe vera gel

You can use aloe vera gel to remove spots under the nose and eyes. , This is a natural remedy to remove stains. You have to apply its gel on the spots and leave it for a few hours. By doing this you will get the benefit. 



Along with this, you can also use fresh cucumber. It is also effective in removing spectacles stains from the nose and eyes. Cut thick slices of cucumber and keep them in the fridge for some time. Then take them out and keep them in place of the spots for some time. Doing this will be beneficial.