Beauty Tips: This Homemade wax will give you super soft skin, know about it...


If you use a razor to remove hair at home and want to avoid the pain of waxing. So you can prepare wax by making it at home. This will give you soft skin but will also get rid of the irritation caused by excessive shaving. This homemade sugar wax is perfect for them. So let's learn how to make sugar wax at home.


The use of sugar for waxing is very old. Due to this, there is no harm to the skin as well as it becomes even softer. To make the wax, a quarter cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of water will be needed along with two cups of sugar. To make sugar wax, heat lemon juice and water with sugar in a pan. Cook it till the sugar turns brown. And when taken in hand, it does not become like a ball at all.

Now apply it to your hairy area and pull it like a wax strip. All the hair will be cleaned in one go. While applying this homemade wax, keep in mind that it is not too hot. Otherwise, there is a fear of burning the skin. However, like normal wax, there may be redness in the skin after applying it. Which will disappear shortly after.


Lemon and sugar make the skin very soft. Also, it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Waxing slows down hair growth and slows hair growth. On the other hand, if you stay at home, shave repeatedly and run a razor on the skin. So this will irritate the skin, as well as hair, which will come out very quickly. Which causes a lot of problems.