Beauty Tips: Never throw the peels of these things, they are very beneficial for your skin!


We use many such fruits, vegetables, and dry nuts in our food and drinks, from which peels come out.


Often we put the peels of those things in the garbage. But do you know that the peels of our food items are of great use? Yes, these peels have many home uses, knowing that you will never make the mistake of throwing away the peels.

So today we are going to tell you some important things about these peels, knowing that you will not make the mistake of throwing these peels again.

1. Cucumber peels-

As much as cucumber is beneficial for health, its peel is also beneficial for us. The treasures of beauty are hidden in the peel of cucumber, applying cucumber peels on the face increases the glow, as well as applying these peels on the dark circles under the eyes to remove the dark circles is beneficial.

2. Eggshells-

We think about eggshells that they are of no use, and we throw them away. But let us tell you that keeping egg shells near fruits and vegetables keeps them fresh for a long time.


3. Garlic Peels-

After reading this, you will not throw away the garlic peels, in fact, garlic peels are of great use. Boil these peels in water, now wash the hair of the head with this and lukewarm water, it increases the growth of hair.

4. Walnuts-

Walnut peels are of great use, one can use them to make scrubbers, which can make our skin healthy and beautiful. Make a paste by boiling these hard peels of other walnuts in water for half an hour, now apply this paste on the hair, due to which the color of the hair will become shiny as well as black.

5. Pomegranate peels-

Pomegranate peels are of great use, yes many things can be done with these peels, like drying the peels and grinding them, now use this powder with henna and apply it on the head, it will give hair color. Gargling with hot water with this powder provides instant relief in throat pain.

6. Banana peel-

Make a powder after drying the peel of the banana, now eat this powder with honey, it provides benefits for respiratory diseases. Apart from this, cleaning the shoes with banana peels makes the shoes shine.