Beauty Tips: Massage with these things just before scrubbing the face, Know why..?


Scrubbing clears the frozen dead skin on our skin. If you want to stay away from skin problems, then you must do scrubbing at least once a week. Even before scrubbing, some things should be taken care of. For example, it is very important to keep the face hydrated before scrubbing because it does not scratch your skin. If scrubbing is done on very dry skin, then the risk of getting pimples also increases considerably. In such a situation, to keep the skin hydrated, you must massage with some natural things just before scrubbing.


Honey and rose water
First of all, wash your face. After this, add two spoons of rose water to one spoonful of honey. Apply it all over the face and neck and massage with light hands. This will prepare your skin for scrubbing.

Coconut oil
If your skin remains very dry, then you should use coconut oil for massage. Massage by applying a little coconut oil on the face and neck. Then wash it with water. Scrub now.


Raw milk and aloe vera gel
This is the best natural massage cream for people with oily skin. For this, mix two spoons of aloe vera gel in five spoons of milk and make it in cream form. Massage it on the face and neck. After this use your favourite scrub.