Beauty Tips: Look most beautiful on the first Monday of Sawan, makeup like this...


The month of Sawan has started. And now the first Monday will come. The Monday of Sawan has a special significance. People perform puja along with fasting. Especially the newly wed brides do poojas on Mondays. Women make adornments for the special worship of Lord Shankar. So if you also want to worship Bhole Baba on the Monday of Sawan, then you can follow these makeup tips.


Step 1
First of all the face needs to be cleaned. For this, clean the face with the right cleanser. Which neither dry the skin nor oily.

Step 2
After cleansing the face with a cleanser, it is necessary to apply a primer. Primer acts as a protective layer on the skin and you will find it easier to apply foundation. Because primer makes the skin soft and hydrated.

Step 3
-After primer, apply foundation to the face. Also, apply foundation on the neck and back. So that the skin looks the same. Blend the foundation well. So that the patch is not visible. It is very humid during the rainy season. So choose a matte foundation that is water-based.
-After applying the foundation, set it with the help of face powder. So that the makeup does not flow due to sweat. However, while applying face powder, keep in mind that it should not be too much. Otherwise, the whole base will be ruined.


Step 4
Since you are getting ready in a traditional style and want light makeup. So do not give a bold look to the eyes. Apply only black glitter eyeliner. Also, decorate the eyes with black kajal. This will give a beautiful look. Also, apply pink shade eyeshadow. They go well with any color dress and look beautiful in light make-up.

Step 5
Lastly, apply red or pink lipstick. Highlight the cheekbone and jaw line with the help of glitter. These will add to your beauty. Also do not forget to make a hairstyle. You are all ready for the Monday worship of Sawan.