Beauty Tips: Include these 6 things in your diet to look young..


With increasing age, wrinkles start appearing on the skin. These days youth also have to face the problem of wrinkles due to bad lifestyle and unhealthy diet. People also use many beauty products to protect themselves from facial wrinkles. But they do not show any effect on the skin for a long time. In such a situation, it is very important to deeply nourish the skin to keep it healthy. You can include fruits and vegetables rich in anti aging properties in your diet. These fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients. These will help prevent dullness and wrinkles. This will help in keeping your skin young.

Anti aging foods:


Cabbage has anti-oxidant properties. These help in protecting the skin from the damage of UV rays. You can eat it lightly cooked. It helps in keeping your skin healthy.

Carrots contain beta carotene. It helps in controlling cholesterol level. This helps in increasing immunity. It helps to save you from many health related problems. You can consume carrot juice regularly.

Grapes contain vitamin C. It has anti aging properties. They help in keeping your skin young. You can include purple grapes juice in your diet. This juice also helps in providing you many other health benefits.

You can include oranges in your diet. These are rich in anti-oxidant properties. They help in preventing cancer. They help in controlling cholesterol. They help in controlling the blood pressure level.

You can consume onion in the form of salad. It is rich in antioxidants. It works to increase good cholesterol. It is also very beneficial for the skin.


Spinach contains vitamin K. It is rich in iron. There is a lot of water in it. It works to protect against cancer and heart problems. Consuming spinach helps you in keeping the skin healthy.