Beauty Tips: If you want to keep lipstick on your lips for a long time then try these tips!


It becomes a bit difficult to keep lipstick on the lips for a long time or at a party. The lipstick tends to fade a bit during office work and long hours at the desk. Are you looking for ways to make your lipstick last longer? In this case, you should try the transfer-proof lipstick method. You will find everything from matte-finish to lightweight formulations in the market. Transfer Proof Lipstick With these hacks, you can make the lipstick last longer on your lips.


Prepare the lips 

Prepare the lips in the same way as you prepare the skin before makeup. You need to remember that your lips should be moisturized and hydrated.

Use of lip liner 

It is best to use a lip liner to prevent the lipstick from spreading on the lips. When you use lip liner on your lips, it acts as a base for lipstick. Use only waterproof and transfer-proof lip liner.


Use transfer-proof lipstick like this

To keep the lipstick on the lips for a long time, apply only long-lasting transfer-proof lipstick. Matte-finish lasts longer. However, the velvety matte finish not only beautifies the lips but also makes them long-lasting.

Excessive use of products will harm

Lipstick enhances the beauty of the lips, but excessive use of the product can also prove to be wrong. After applying lipstick, place a tissue in the middle of the lips and pat lightly. This will remove excess lipstick from your lips.