Beauty Tips: If the skin of the hands has become dry during the winter season, then use these scrubs


Winter season is going on and in this season everyone's skin becomes dry. In such a situation, the skin of your hands is also getting dry, so you can make it shiny with some home remedies and eliminate its dryness. You do not need to do much for this. All you have to do is scrub once or twice a week.


Smoothing Scrub Using

this scrub will remove the dryness of your hand skin. For this you will need olive oil and brown sugar. This combo suits all skin types. You can use it for body scrubbing, it will remove the dryness of your skin.


Polishing Scrub

To eliminate the dryness of the skin of the hands, you can make a scrub of rose petals and rosemary and apply it on the skin. You have to apply rose petals and rosemary leaves mixed with sugar, this will make the skin glow.