Beauty Tips: If the skin around your lips is also turning black, this could be the reason


Getting spots on your face is not a big deal. These happen due to your exposure to too much sunlight or even due to allergies. But is the skin around your lips also dark? This problem is found more in women, the color of their lips and the lower part of the face becomes much darker than the top. Know the reason for this. 


Toothpaste allergy

If you are also seeing the places around your lips turning black, then the reason for this can also be your toothpaste. In this case, you should change your toothpaste. Many times this problem also occurs due to cheap and chemical toothpaste. 



Apart from this, the most important thing about your makeup is, lipstick can also be the reason for this. Many times women use cheap lipstick in the name of cheap makeup products and in such a situation the lips and the area around them become dark.