Beauty Tips: How to get rid of Stretch Marks? Follow these easy home remedies....


It is often seen that women choose their clothes in such a way that their body marks are not visible, especially stretch marks. Yes, stretch marks are a very common problem among women, which develop after delivery or whenever there is a stretch in the skin of the body because of that. Stretch marks look very ugly, due to which women choose such clothes in which these marks are not visible. But today in this episode, we have brought some such remedies for you, with the help of which these stretch marks can be removed from the skin and you can wear the clothes of your choice. So let's know about these remedies to remove these stretch marks.


Apply potato juice
Potato juice is often used to improve skin tone. The bleaching agent present in it keeps the skin tight, as well as helps in improving the glow. However, to reduce stretch marks, you must mix 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel in a teaspoon of potato juice. Apply daily on the stretch marks area. If you want, you can also use potato paste by making it.

Massage with Castor Oil
Castor oil is considered the best for massage. If you want, you can also use olive oil instead. Before sleeping at night, warm the oil lightly and then massage it by applying it on the stomach. Massaging daily will not only make the stretch marks disappear but will also make the skin glow. If you want, you can massage with castor or olive oil after bathing during the day as well as at night. With this, the difference will be clearly visible within a month.

Apply a cream containing retinol
To remove stretch marks, also take special care of the diet. For this, eat fruits containing vitamin C. Also, drink lots of water. At the same time, you will find creams containing retinol in the market, which you can apply to remove stretch marks. Let us tell you that a compound found in vitamin A is retinol, which helps in the formation of collagen. Apart from this, cheese, eggs, fish oil, milk, and yogurt are also the main sources of retinol.

Use a homemade scrub
The scrub is very important to reduce dead skin as well as stretch marks. For this, you can prove to be the best homemade scrub. Mix half a teaspoon of almond powder, 1 teaspoon of coffee, and sugar. Finally, mix half a teaspoon of coconut oil to make a paste. It will work very effectively to reduce the stretch marks. Scrub your stomach with this daily. At the same time, all the ingredients present in it are quite soft instead of harsh, so rubbing the skin will not cause any problem.


Uses of Lemon Peel Powder
If you want, you can also use lemon peel powder to scrub before bathing. It is the main ingredient of many women's beauty routines. Take one spoon of lemon powder and mix one spoon of honey in it. Now scrub the stomach with this paste. If you have dry skin, you can also mix coconut oil in it. After applying it for a month, the difference will start showing itself.