Beauty Tips: Give beautiful glow to the skin with the use of honey, try these home face packs


In these days of summer, the skin has to face many problems, which include dryness due to sweating, oiliness, loss of skin, etc. To bring a glow on one's face, women use many expensive and chemical-rich products available in the market, which can also harm their skin. In such a situation, honey rich in anti-bacterial, anti-septic properties can help you, which is also beneficial in increasing beauty along with health. Today we are going to give you information about some homemade face packs made from honey, using which you will get back the lost tone of your skin and make the face glow. So let's know about these homemade face packs of honey ...


Sugar and honey
You can use honey and sugar to remove dead skin. For this mix both the ingredients in equal quantity. This will help in cleaning the dirt from the skin. It can help in removing dead skin.

Besan and Honey
Prepare a paste by mixing a spoonful of gram flour with some honey and some water or rose water. Now apply this paste on your face and clean it after a while. Using honey in this way also helps in enhancing beauty.


Milk and honey
Milk works to moisturize the skin. Also honey is effective in lightening the skin tone. To apply milk and honey, first wash the face with clean water. So that the layer of dust and soil accumulated on the face is removed. Make a paste by mixing a small amount of honey and milk. Since this paste is sticky, a small amount will suffice for the face. Make a paste by mixing one spoon of raw milk and two spoons of honey. Now apply this paste from face to neck. Then after ten to fifteen minutes wash the face thoroughly with lukewarm water.