Beauty Tips: Eyelashes increase the beauty of eyes, know how to make them thick


Whenever there is talk of the attraction of the face, the eyes are the first and the eyelids play a big part in increasing the attractiveness of the eyes. Due to the long, thick and beautiful eyelashes, the beauty of the eyes is worth seeing. But many women's eyelashes are very light, due to which there is a feeling of emptiness in the eyes and for this they use wenkly eyelashes. But today in this episode we have brought some such remedies for you which will work to make your eyelashes naturally thick and beautiful. These methods will prove to be very helpful for you. So let's know about them...


Coconut Oil
Coconut oil can prove to be effective for increasing the eyelashes. It promotes hair growth, as well as helps in making hair strong and nourished. Therefore coconut oil is also used to make the eyelashes thick and long. First of all, clean the eyelids thoroughly. After this, soak cotton in oil and apply it well on the eyelids and leave it for overnight.

Petroleum jelly
To make eyelashes thick and healthy, use petroleum jelly like Vaseline on your eyelashes. This will make your eyelashes grow faster. With this home remedy, your eyelashes will also become thick and strong. Apply petroleum jelly on your eyelids before sleeping at night. Do not apply too much, apply little by little, then wake up in the morning and wash your eyes. Doing this helps to make the eyelashes thick, beautiful and attractive.

Lemon peel
If your eyelashes are very short and short, you can easily make them longer and thicker. Take the peel of a lemon and cut it into small parts, after that put these peels in half a bowl of olive or castor oil and keep it covered for two to three days. After that, with the help of a mascara brush, apply it on the eyelashes every night before sleeping. And wake up in the morning and wash the eyes with cold water.


Green tea
Boil green tea leaves well in water, after the water cools down, soak cotton in it. And then with the help of cotton, apply it on the eyelids. Do this daily at night before sleeping. After that keep the remaining mixture covered, because you can use this mixture after two to three days.