Beauty Tips: Do not make these mistakes on the day of the party or function, otherwise it will be heavy


There is a big function or party in your house and if you want to look beautiful then you prepare yourself or go to the parlor. But today we are going to tell you that you should not make any such mistake on that day which will reduce your beauty.


Don't do facials

on the same day. If there is a party in the evening at your house and you are doing facials on the same day, then it is very wrong. You should get this done about 2-3 days before the function. By doing its same day, due to deep cleaning, many times there is a problem of redness on the face.


Home remedies

Apart from this, you should never forget and use the remedies told by your grandmother or mother on this day. If something reacts on the face, then its effect will be clearly visible on your face. This will not only reduce your beauty, but also you yourself will shy away from coming in front of people at the party.