Beauty Tips: Big pimples come out on the face as soon as makeup is done, know the way to get rid of it...


How To Get Rid Of Makeup Acne: It is the season of festivals and women resort to makeup to look perfect. But some women have a problem that pimples appear on their faces as soon as they apply makeup. Due to pimples, doing makeup for them becomes like a nightmare. These pimples often occur in the T zone area and spoil the beauty of the face for a long time. Sometimes their stain does not go away for months. If you are also troubled by some such problem, then the information given here can be very useful for you. Dr. Nidhi, who is a cosmetologist, has shared information related to this on her Instagram account and has told us how we can avoid this problem.


How to get rid of pimples after makeup
Clean twice

Whenever you remove makeup, always clean the face twice after this. For this, use a cleaner that contains salicylic acid content. This will give relief to the skin from acne and pain.

Use of acne pads
If you are wiping your face, keep an acne pad with you and wipe your face with it. Keep in mind that there must be glycolic acid content in it.

Use of acne-healing patches
If there are acne or pimples on the face, then after cleaning the skin at night, use acne healing patches on them. You can also buy it online.


Use a clean brush
Always keep in mind that whenever you do makeup, the brush or sponge used should be clean. Store it only after washing and drying it after use.

Don't rub too much
Whenever you want to exfoliate the skin, avoid rubbing the skin excessively. It is better that you mildly rub them.