Beauty Tips: Apply lemon juice mixed with mustard oil, these hair problems will end


Mustard oil is being used for hair care since the time of grandmothers. If lemon juice is mixed in this oil, then double benefits can be achieved. Know which hair problems you can get rid of.

Mustard oil is one such thing, which is considered effective in giving better nutrition to the hair. If you mix lemon juice with mustard, then you can get relief from these hair problems.


Better nutrition: There are many hair care products available in the market, but you can also naturally nourish them. Mustard oil can help you with this. Not only Ayurveda, but allopathy experts also believe that this oil can remove the nutritional deficiency present in the hair.


Blood Circulation: Due to the lack of proper blood flow in the hair, they keep falling out. If you want to correct blood circulation, then you must do a mustard oil massage. Adding lemon to it can also get rid of the problem of extra oil.


Natural Conditioner: If you feel that your hair remains dry, then you must apply mustard oil to your hair once a week. Apart from nourishment, it will also act as a natural conditioner and work to make hair soft.


Dandruff: Weather, dirt, and oily scalp create dandruff in the hair. To eliminate dandruff from the hair, start applying mustard oil to the hair. If you cannot apply it daily, then massage it once a week. But remove the oil in an hour.