Beauty Tips: Amla is very beneficial for your hair, you will get these benefits


The weather is going on in winter and in this season we have to face many problems related to hair. The biggest reason for this is the lack of hair growth. At this time, the hair also falls in a large amount. In such a situation, you can reduce your problems with Amla. 

Benefits of Amla for hair:

According to information, along with Vitamin C, Vitamin E is also found in Amla. Which is very beneficial for hair. Along with this, it also gives a lot of nutrition to the hair. Its regular use increases hair growth. You can also use amla oil to make hair long. 


How to use Amla in hair Apply 

Amla oil to your hair at least twice a week. Also, use herbal shampoo which is made from amla. Apart from this, you can mix amla powder and coconut oil together and use it as a hair pack, you will also get benefit from this.