Beauty Tips: After applying once, lipstick will remain on the lips for the whole day, do these measures


Women do many types of makeup to make themselves look beautiful. But the makeup of her lips looks different. That is, their lipstick is very important to them. In such a situation, you must have seen many women applying lipstick throughout the day. But if you want your lipstick to stick to your lips, then these things should be kept in mind. 

Apply loose powder

If you want to apply lipstick, then you have to first take lipstick and apply it on your lips, after that you apply a little loose powder on it. After this, hold the lips with tissue paper and repeat it once again. Your lipstick will last longer. 


Apply lip liner

Apart from this, if your lipstick spreads on your lips, then you can use a lip liner. By applying this, your lipstick will not spread and your lipstick will stay on for a long time.