Beauty: Say bye-bye to these skincare habits from today itself and get a glowing face!


It is said that if the skin is not taken care of properly then the skin gets damaged. But many times people while taking care of their skin make some such mistakes that do more harm than good. It is necessary to take proper measures for skin care. There are some habits that you should give up.


Facewash: Cleansing the face also cleans the dirt inside. But many people make the mistake of washing their face only once a day. You should clean your skin with a facewash at least twice a day.

Use of Sunscreen: Are you also in the habit of applying sunscreen only once a day? Whether it is winter or summer, sunscreen must be applied on the skin at least twice in every season. Using sunscreen not only protects you from the sun but also brightens your skin.


Pimples popping: Pimples popping is the biggest reason for having dark spots on the face. According to experts, when we try to pop pimples, there is a fear that they might spread on the face. It also creates dark spots and new pimples may appear elsewhere.

Inadequate Sleep: Good and restful sleep is very beneficial for our health and skin. Despite knowing how important sleep is for our bodies, people still follow a bad lifestyle. This disrupts the sleep cycle and leads to the formation of dark circles. That's why it is necessary for every person to get enough sleep.