Beauty Products: These Korean skincare products are making a splash in India, have you used them; Learn Top 5 Products


Korean Skincare Products in India: These days the demand for South Korean beauty products is increasing all over the world. India is also not untouched by this trend. These days Indian people are crazy about Korean trends. Today we tell you about 5 such Korean skincare products, which are becoming very popular in India.

This clay is a type of coating made of clay. This paste is applied to the face. When you apply this paste to your face, it gives you the feeling of a spa massage. After applying it on the face for some time, this clay mask can be washed off and removed. This clay is made up of Kaolin and Bentonite. Applying, it cleans the dirt accumulated on the pores of the face and brings more beauty to your face.

SKINCARE TIPS:- To get rid of the problem of acne and pimples, try this special face pack made from pomegranate.

This Korean product made for lip care is also in great demand. It is a type of cream, which has been manufactured using water science. It is claimed that by using it the lips become more beautiful and smooth. By applying it, the dry crust that forms on the lips stops. This lip care product smells of vanilla and berry.


This Cosrx Master Patch has been made to remove facial pimples. Demand for this Korean product is also increasing around the world including in India. It is claimed that after applying this patch, acne ends overnight on the face and also stops the growth of bacteria. This product pulls out the impurities of the face so that pimples do not form on the face.


This product has also been designed to remove impurities from the face and bring a glow to the face. This is a juicy product that comes in a vial. Vitamin C has been used in this Korean product. Due to this, your skin becomes more radiant. It is an eco-friendly, vegan beauty product. It is claimed that natural elements have been used in its manufacture. It acts as a kind of light dry oil, which brings a glow to the body.


It is a cream made from rice extract, which works to stop aging by preventing wrinkles. This cream gets absorbed into the body very quickly and hydrates the skin. Due to this your body starts glowing. This natural cream also acts as a kind of moisturizer. The fragrance of flowers keeps coming in this cream.