Beauty: Keep these things in mind while shaving underarms, you will get rid of rashes and blackness!


There are unwanted hairs in many places on the body. This also includes underarm hair. To get rid of them, we resort to shaving, etc. But it has been seen that many people have to face the problem of the blackness of underarms and itching or rashes after shaving. If you try some tips then you can avoid this problem.


Exfoliate the skin

To get beautiful skin, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin. In the same way, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin of the underarms before and after removing the hair from the underarms. This removes dead skin.

Use razor

Do not use a multi-blade razor. This is because they also pull and cut hairs that are very close to the skin, which increases the risk of ingrown hairs growing under the surface of the skin. Do not use them when their edge gets damaged. If you want clean and better shaving then use a sharp razor or electric trimmer.

Wash the blade after every stroke

You should wash the blade after every stroke. If you don't, hair and dead skin will get caught in the blade and the shave won't be smooth.


Don't shave too often

Shaving too often in a delicate area like the underarm can cause darkening and dryness of the skin. Shaving also removes the protective layer of the skin.

Dry shaving

Dry shaving makes the skin harder and drier. That's why dry shaving should be avoided. Be careful not to use any old shaving cream or soap. If you want to avoid any kind of irritation, then use shaving gel on the underarms.