Beauty: If you want to get rid of dark circles then follow these 5 natural remedies!


Dark circles under the eyes are a big problem not only for women but also for men. There are many reasons for this, including stress, less sleep, drinking less water, hormonal changes, irregular lifestyle, and genetic problems. If you want to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, then follow some home remedies to lighten them.


Home remedies to get rid of dark circles

1. Tomato and Lemon

Tomato not only reduces dark circles but also makes the skin soft. You take one spoon of tomato juice, add one spoon of lemon to it and then apply this mixture on the eyes. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off. Do this at least twice a day, dark circles will start reducing.

2. Potato juice

Potato also helps in reducing dark circles. Grate the potatoes as much as possible and extract the juice of the potatoes. Then take some cotton. Soak it completely in potato juice and keep it on the eyes. Keep in mind that cotton should be applied on that entire part, which is black. You will start seeing the effect within a week.

3. Tea Bag

You must have seen those tea bags, which are made of fine cloth and inside which tea leaves are filled. With their help, you can also get rid of dark circles. Take a tea bag for this. If it's green tea, so much the better. Keep it in the fridge for some time. When they cool down, keep them on the eyes. Do this procedure at home as often as possible.


4. Almond oil

Almond is rich in Vitamin E and its oil softens the skin. You must have seen many products of almond oil being sold in the market. Its use is very easy. You have to take some almond oil and apply it on the dark circles, massage with light hands, and then leave it like that. Wake up in the morning and wash your eyes. The effect will start showing in a week.

5. Cold Milk

With the continuous use of cold milk, not only can you eliminate dark circles, but you can also enhance the beauty of your eyes. All you have to do is dip a cotton ball in cold milk kept in a bowl and then apply it on the area with dark circles. Keep in mind that the entire area with the dark circle should be covered. Keep the cotton for 10 minutes and then wash the eyes with plain water.