Beauty: If you also have the problem of pimples after waxing then try these home remedies!


Many girls or women resort to waxing to remove unwanted hair from their bodies. But due to this, some women have the problem of pimples. If you are also one of them, then we are going to tell you some tips by which you can prevent pimples after waxing.


Massage with moisturizer is necessary

If redness comes on your skin after waxing, then you should massage it with moisturizer. This will relax your skin and gradually the redness will go away.

Use of aloe vera

After waxing, you should apply aloe vera there and massage it. Leave the aloe vera gel on the waxed area overnight. Using this can get rid of skin inflammation and itching. It also moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Use of olive oil

If there are pimples or rashes on the skin, then you should apply tea tree oil and olive oil on the skin. First of all, mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in one spoon of olive oil, mix it well and massage it.


Use of apple vinegar

Take apple cider vinegar in a cup and add an equal amount of water. Then apply it on the waxing area with the help of cotton. Wash the skin with water after stopping for about 10 minutes. Do this process twice a day.

Use of coconut oil

After waxing, the area should be cleaned with a cleanser and then coconut oil should be applied. Leave it on for as long as possible. If you want, you can do this after taking a bath during the day and at night while sleeping. Coconut oil is most effective for post-waxing pimples. It removes inflammation and gives relief to reddened skin.