Beauty Care Tips: Use alum and coconut oil in beauty care, skin and hair will benefit!


You must have seen that alum is used after shaving. But do you know that alum is used in many other ways? Alum is very useful for you, you can use alum for the skin too. You can use alum water to remove many problems related to the skin. By using alum water on the skin, the problem of dead skin-related skin and the problem of dark skin tone can be relieved. Let us tell you through this article about the benefits of using alum and coconut oil -

* Use alum and coconut oil in this way:

To use alum and coconut oil, first heat the telco you made a little, after that add ground alum or powder to this oil. Now mix these two things well and apply this prepared paste on your face and leave it for 30 minutes. Using this paste will make your face glow. If you are troubled by the problem of dead skin on the face, then after applying this paste, massage your face with light hands. By using this paste, you can get relief from the problem of tanning on the skin.

* Relief from the problem of hair cancer:

The problems of dandruff occurring in the hair can be overcome with the help of alum and coconut oil. And to get relief from the itching caused by dandruff in the hair scalp, you can mix alum with coconut oil and apply it, it provides relief from the problem of dandruff in the hair, and the problems of itching start to go away on their own. To get relief from this problem, leave this mixture in your hair for 1 hour, after that wash the hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo.


* Provides relief from the problem of pigmentation on the skin:

In the present time, you must have seen that most the people face the problem of hyperpigmentation with increasing age. Using these two together helps in moisturizing the skin.