Beauty Care Tips: Follow these home remedies to clean the old scars from the skin!


* Onion juice is also effective:

Onion juice is considered very beneficial for our hair, but did you know that onion juice can also be used to remove the scars on our skin? For this, apply onion juice to the large area and leave it for some time, after that wash it with water. By adopting this remedy regularly, you will see the difference in a few days.

* Use tea tree oil:

You can also use tea tree oil to get relief from scars on the skin, for this, you first take half a teaspoon of tea tree oil and mix it with half a teaspoon of warm water. And apply this mixture to the place of scars on your skin. After this, massage your skin with light hands and after 10 minutes wash it with water and wipe it with a cloth.


* Use gooseberry:

Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla. Amla is also used to remove the scars on the skin, for this, you first take a paste of amla and mix olive oil in it. Apply this mixture to the affected skin and massage it with light hands. Adopting this remedy regularly helps in removing the scars on your skin.