Beauty Care Tips: Don't trust myths like not applying moisturizer after face oil in skincare!


* Closes the skin pores:

There is a misconception among people about face oil that by using it, the skin pores of our facial skin get closed. While this is not the case at all. The use of face oil damages our skin pores in the same situation when we do not use it according to our skin type. That's why always use Faisal or any other beauty product keeping your skin type in mind.

* Do not apply moisturizer on the face after applying it on the face:

Most people feel that there is no need for a moisturizer after using face coil on their face. But according to beauty experts, after applying any product on the face, it is necessary to lock it using moisturizer. The skin can be kept hydrated by using face oil. But by using moisturizer, the skin not only hydrates but also gets nutrition. Therefore, after using face oil on the face, the routine of using moisturizer must be followed.


* Use of face oil is not good for oily skin:

A common myth is spread among people that face oil should not be used on oily skin, this is such a common myth that people easily believe, but do you know whether the skin is oily or not? Always nourish your skin. But be careful while using any product on oily skin. If your skin type is oily then you will easily find many types of face oils in the market for oily skin.