Beautiful hairstyles: Apart from covering sticky hair, these hairstyles will make you look beautiful too


Beautiful hairstyles: Sticky hair does not understand which hairstyle to make, how to keep it so that the look looks a bit right. So for this, you can try these four hairstyles. Let's know how to make them.

Beautiful hairstyles: After two days of shampooing, the hair starts to appear sticky and due to lack of time, it is not possible to wash it in the morning, then even after wearing it well-dressed many times, it is not possible to get the look which do you want it. So what are the options by which oily and sticky hair can be groomed, today we are going to know about them?

1. Messy Top Knot

A messy bun can change your look in minutes and the best part is it is easy to make. Comb the hair with the help of fingers and make it into a high ponytail. After this, twist it and make a bun. Pulling the bun gently with your hands, remove some of the hair. To reduce oil from sticky hair, apply baby powder at the roots with the help of fingers.

2. Side Ponytail

A normal ponytail may not look good in oily hair but a side ponytail will look good. By the way, apart from the ponytail, if you make a side fishtail, then it will look good. But if you are just making a ponytail, you can curl it from below if you want.

3. Sleek Low Bun

The option of a sleek look is also best for oily hair. Simply set your hair with a hair serum or styling gel. After this, make a center or side parting according to your choice. Make a bun by taking the whole hair back. Secure with a rubber band and pin. Any hair accessories can also be used in this.

4. Boho Head Band

If any of these options do not suit you or you are not able to make them, then only a boho headband will work, then it will look very good. For this, detangle the hair with the help of fingers. Instead of combing the hair with fingers, volume is seen in them. After that put on the headband.