Beautiful Lakes in India: Five most beautiful lakes of India will fascinate you, definitely visit here once


Most Beautiful Lakes in India: The natural beauty of India attracts tourists from abroad. The mountains, greenery, rivers, waterfalls and lakes here do not look less than any foreign destination. In such a situation, if you want to see a beautiful place visible on TV, then do not think that that place can be seen abroad only. Go on a tour of India and here you will find a wonderful specimen of beauty more than one. If you want to feel the calm feeling in a beautiful place, then you can enjoy the lakes located in India. Although there are many lakes in India which are quite famous, but here you are being told about the five most beautiful lakes of India. If planning a trip this time, do not forget to visit these lakes. Here are the five most beautiful lakes of India.


Dal Lake
When the name of the lakes of India comes, the name of Dal Lake comes first. If you go out to visit Kashmir, which is called the heaven of India, then you will know why it is called heaven. Dal Lake is present in the famous honeymoon destination Kashmir, whose unique and amazing beauty leaves everyone stunned. Dal Lake tour is the best option to spend romantic moments with your partner.


Chilka Lake
Chilka Lake located in Odisha is also a very beautiful lake. Chilka Lake is considered to be one of the largest coastal lakes in India. You can get to see dolphins while visiting Jhim. If you go a little further, you can see the confluence of the lake, where you will be able to see the change in the color of the water.


Loktak Lake
Loktak Lake is located in Manipur. Loktak Lake is also known as Fresh Water Lake. The beauty of this lake can reduce all your stress. The mind can feel calm by taking a walk in the lake.