Beautiful India: Keep 10 thousand rupees in your pocket and visit these budget-friendly cities of India!


Who does not like to visit Beautiful India? If you aspire to explore new places, then we are telling you about some budget-friendly beautiful cities. Where you can roam only for 10 thousand.

Beautiful India: As soon as the temperature rises in the summer season, people start running towards the hill stations for holidays. Generally, places like Nainital, Bhimtal, and Shimla are quite popular, but there are many other hill stations in India, which are very beautiful as well as budget-friendly.

So if you are also wanting to travel to some offbeat place at a low cost, then we are telling you about 5 such cities where your trip will be completed within 10 thousand rupees.


Ziro is a small town in Arunachal Pradesh. If you are looking for a secluded vacation spot, then Xero could be the ideal place for you. You can reach this place with the help of a bus from Tez]pur. While talking about expenses, you may have to spend around 5000 rupees after staying here for a few days.


Sitting comfortably in the lap of nature, this city is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. You can reach Tawang by bus, which will cost around Rs 400. The cost of staying here for 4 days will be less than Rs 5000.


It is one of the favorite hill stations of North Indians. This city can be reached from Pathankot. Reach here and enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains.

You can find many affordable hotels and delicious food here.


The greenery of Ooty will inspire you to come here again and again. Also, there are many beautiful places to visit near this place and that too you can visit here without spending much money. Here you will find everything from budget hotels to delicious food.


This beautiful hill station is located just a few kilometers away from Mumbai. If you stay at this place for 5 days, then your vacation will be easily completed in less than Rs.7000.