Beautiful Dupattas: With these handicraft dupattas, you can make a suit special and beautiful with your simple


Beautiful Dupattas: If you want to make yourself look different and special in a suit, then include this dupatta in the wardrobe. Which is best not only for casuals but also for the party, then know what kind of dupattas are happening here.

Beautiful Dupattas: Instead of attaching a dupatta with a suit, now women are carrying different types of dupattas by mixing and matching them. So if you also like to wear suits in most places, then you should also include some special types of dupatta in your wardrobe. Which can make you attractive from simple to suit in minutes.

1. Phulkari Dupatta

Pic credit- vindhya_vishaka_fc/ Instagram

If you want to give a partywear look to your suit with simplicity, then carry a heavy phulkari dupatta with it. From the design to their bright colorful color suits very well, especially in day outings. There are many types of phulkari dupattas available in the market. Which you can choose according to your choice and budget. Apart from the suit, you can also bring a Phulkari dupatta with lehenga and Anarkali suit.

2. Banarasi Dupatta

Pic credit- designer_dupatta/Instagram

While Banarasi dupattas were earlier carried only in weddings, festivals, or other traditional functions, now they have become a part of casual and office wears as well. Which you can wear over a flamboyant suit to a normal kurta. By the way, the way of taking dupatta also makes your style different. So keep that in mind too.

3. Chanderi

The sheer texture of this dupatta makes it different and special. These are the perfect dupattas for casual wear that don't look overdone and their designs make them stand out.

4. Tiger Print

The tiger print dupatta in chiffon or cotton fabric gives a very trendy look. By the way, silk dupattas are also in demand in this print. So include these in your wardrobe too.

5. Block Prints

Pic credit- ecofabbharat/Instagram

Comfortably carry colorful block print dupattas from office to college, which give you a graceful look.