Bangle Designs: - Get the latest bangle ideas to wear with colorful sarees


Bangles are one such accessory that women like to wear with every outfit. But most women like to wear bangles with traditional dresses. That's why there is a huge collection of bangles in the wardrobes of women. But many women find it very difficult to decide the matching bangles with their dress.Especially with sarees or lehengas. That's why today we bring you some of the latest bangle combinations that you can wear with colourful sarees.

 Designer Bracelet

You can wear designer bracelets with a saree because the best option is to wear a diamond or Kundan bracelet with every sari. If you like to wear bracelets in a diamond look, then you can pair them with a printed saree. You will find many types of diamond or Kundan bracelets in the market. You can easily buy Kundan bracelets, plain bracelets from the market. 

Styling Tips

  • You can buy silver or golden colour bracelets from the market. Because this bracelet can be worn with sarees ranging from Banarasi sarees to heavy work sarees. 
  • If you are wearing a Kundan bracelet then you should not wear it with a cotton saree. Because simple bracelets will look great with a cotton saree. 

Metal Bangles 

If your saree is a bit heavy, then you can wear metal bangles with it because metal bangles look great with a heavy sari or dress. You can wear it with a red printed saree or if you are wearing a simple saree, you can also pair it with metal bangles. 

Styling Tips 

  • You can select the colour of metal bangles according to your sari like- if you are wearing a red sari then you can choose silver plain metal set with it. 
  • Metal golden-coloured bangles do not go well with every saree. 

Black Bangles set 

Almost all women of black colour are crazy because you can wear it in a simple way as well as you can wear it by mixing it with other bangles. You will easily find many types of designs in black bangles. Also, you can choose and carry bangles of other colours along with black bangles according to your saree. For example, if your saree is a bit heavy, then you can carry medium size bracelets with bangles.

Styling Tips

  • You can easily carry black bangles with a red colour saree, and a pink colour saree. 
  • You should not carry black bangles in the simple way of the Banarasi saree. This can ruin your look. 

Glass bangles

You can wear glass bangles with a saree. You will find many types of glass bangles designs, you can buy them according to your choice. However, glass bangles can also be worn by mixing them with bracelets. You will find a variety of glass bangles like glass plain bangles, printed glass bangles, glass bangles set etc. 

Styling Tips 

  • You can wear it with any colour saree but you should take special care of the colour combination of the saree and bangles. 


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