Banana Raita Recipe: Banana Raita will be ready in minutes for fasting, Know the recipe....


The month of Sawan is about to begin, in which devotees observe fasting with devotion to Shiva. The food during the fast is also prepared differently. You must have consumed raita during the fast. But today in this episode we have brought for you the recipe of making Banana Raita which is not sour in taste but sweet. It is very easy and gets ready in less time. Let's know about its recipe...


Necessary ingredients
- 1 bowl fresh curd
- 1 to 2 ripe bananas
- 2 tsp sugar
- 2 tbsp grated coconut
- 1 tbsp Chironji
- 1 small bowl Roasted Makhane
- 1 tsp ghee
- 1 tsp roasted mustard
- 1 tsp roasted cumin powder


Method of Making:

  • First of all, put curd in a bowl and blend it well.
  • Now according to the quantity of curd, add sugar to it and also put two pieces of cut banana in the curd. On the other hand, heat one to two spoons of ghee in a vessel and put chironji in it. When chironji starts roasting and its color starts to turn light golden, then add grated coconut to it and mix well.
  • Now put this prepared mixture in a bowl of curd after it cools down and mix it.
  • If you want, before serving, you can add a pinch of salt and a pinch of black pepper powder to the curd to make it more flavorful.
  • Apart from this, to make the banana curd more delicious, add roasted mustard and cumin powder on it. This will change the taste as well as the color.
  • Roasted makhana for garnishing curd and 2 to 4 raisins or cashews can be put on top for garnishing.
  • If you like crunchy makhana, then add makhana just before serving because if you put makhana beforehand, then they become soft.
  • Now keep the raita in the fridge for a while and then serve it cold.