Back Blouse Designs: - These back blouse designs will look very beautiful with a saree


Most of the women like to wear saree. But often she focuses only on the saree and ignores the blouse design. She forgets that everything counts for the perfect look. However, most women are only engaged in making the front design of the blouse special. But back blouse designs also look very beautiful. For this, you can take inspiration from Bollywood actresses.

There are many actresses whose first choice is saree. Let's have a look at the best back blouse designs.

Back stripe design

If you are bored of wearing a simple blouse design, then you can copy this design by KritiSanon. This blouse design of hers is very unique. This blouse is closed at the neck and waist. However, your back will be more visible in this. But believe me; everyone's eyes will be on you. You can wear this type of blouse with a simple saree. To make the blouse even more beautiful, you can get Ghungroo and pearl work done. 

Half Back Blouse Design


You must have often seen Jacqueline Fernandez in a saree. Along with saris, their blouse designs are also very good. Recently she posted a photo, in which she is wearing a simple sari of orange colour. But with this, the blouse caught everyone's attention. She is wearing a half-back blouse with puff sleeves. In which there is a string and a pendant has been put on it. If you want to get a modern look in a saree, then you can get this type of blouse sewn. 

Deep u neck design

Alia Bhatt's blouse collection is also very good. This white deep u neck blouse design of hers is simple as well as attractive. Although this is the most common and simple design, it is very much liked by women. You can get a pendant like Alia. 

Bikini Style Blouse Design

You must have heard of it and probably wore bikini tops. But have you seen bikini-style blouse designs? If not, then you can take inspiration from Kiara Advani for this. This pink colour blouse of hers is very sizzling. One good thing is that you can style it as a top too. Simply get a matching or black bikini blouse tailored to your saree. 

Image Credit: Instagram


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